Rental Information

Crete Park Rental Spaces

Crete Park District has several spaces available for rent. Easterday Hall is a beautiful indoor air conditioned/heated space for meetings, showers, weddings, birthday parties and just bringing your family together.  There are lots of outdoor shelters available, too.  These spaces are great for Family Reunions, birthday parties and anything with kids.  Residents of our District do get a discount because they pay taxes to us, but everyone with a valid drivers license, over 18 years of age is welcome.  Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis.  You must pay the deposit to hold your spot on the calendar.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at (708)672-6969.
(Fundraisers and events that charge an admission fee require approval from the Board of Commissioners prior to booking.)
Shelter in Crete Park

Outdoor Party Rentals Save a Bundle!

Instead of spending the money to rent a tent and planning all the entertainment, come to Crete Park District! Rent one of our 4 outdoor shelters.  Two shelters are available in Crete Park, 515 First Street. Crete Park has a tennis court, tons of playgrounds and plenty of room to run and play. Each of these 2 shelters seats 80-90 people. Crete Park District has seen the popularity of these rentals start to increase as families return to the basics.  Kid’s birthday parties and family reunions are the most popular events in the shelters, but baby and bridal showers are coming here more and more since the new bathroom building was added in 2005.   The fee for a shelter rental in Crete Park is only $75 for the day, with a Resident Discount of $50 for the day.  One customer told us recently that it was cheaper to rent the shelter than to pay someone to clean her house.  Click HERE for a complete list of rules. 

Heritage Park  
Two shelters are also available at the 40 acre Heritage Park, 1550 Sangamon Street. One shelter is small and sits next to the toddler playground for younger toddler birthday parties. The fee to rent this shelter, called Peggy's Place, for the day is only $35 with a Resident Discount Rate of $25. The larger shelter is located in the middle of the park and sits next to the large 5-12-year-old playground area.   Heritage Park also has a skate park, softball fields, soccer fields and plenty of room to run and play.  The fee is $100 to rent the large shelter at Heritage Park with a Resident Rate of $75.  (Please remember, the playgrounds are public parks and will be used by the public during your rental.  The rental is for the Shelter area only.)  For space availability, please call 672-6969. Please be advised, alcohol is not allowed in the park areas. To see a complete list of the rules, download a copy of the Heritage Park Rental Form.

Historic Bandstand Rental
If you’re looking for a small romantic place to hold your wedding,  you should come see one of Crete’s Historic Landmarks.  Recently renovated, the Bandstand, located in Crete Park, was built in 1913 and is surrounded by beautiful oak trees.   Fee per day is $40 for Residents and $50 for Nonresidents. Click HERE for a complete list of rules.

Easterday Hall Banquet Room

The Willard Wood Park Center is located 2 blocks north and 1 block west  of Main & Exchange Streets.  The log cabin building sits on the Southeast corner of the six acre Crete Park.  Easterday Hall, located in the Willard Wood Park Center, is a charming room for your club, family, friends, or associates to gather.  It’s the perfect location for your business meetings, family gatherings, showers or parties.  The hall is fully accessible, offers a kitchen, and tables and chairs for your convenience.  A fireplace and/or alcohol permit can be purchased for an additional fee.  (See Rental Fees below)   Call the Crete Park District at (708) 672-6969 or stop by to see if your date is still open.   The hall does book up quickly, so be sure to make arrangements as early as possible to ensure your date.  To guarantee your rental, you must stop by the building, complete a rental form  and pay a $150 SECURITY DEPOSIT.  This security deposit  is required to hold your day on the calendar.  This deposit is nonrefundable in case of a cancellation. To see a complete list of rules, click HERE.
Check out our beautiful kitchen! 

Crete Park District has purchased new, stackable chairs to make your event look even nicer! Feel free to come by anytime to see this beautiful new addition to our rental space.

Rental Fees 
The building is owned by the Crete Park District, and therefore Residents receive a lower rate.  Rental rates are done on an hourly basis & must include all set up, clean up and decorating time. Minimum rental time is 4 hours.  All fees must be paid one month prior to your rental. (The building will NOT be open on the weekends other than specific rental hours!)  All fees are listed below. Must be 21 years old to rent.  

  Resident Rate  Nonresident Rate
Rental Fee:   $45/Hour  $60/Hour
 Alcohol:  $125 extra/event    $125 extra/event
 Fireplace:  $20 extra/event $30 extra/event

9 AM - 9 PM, Monday thru Thursday
  Resident Rate Nonresident Rate
Rental Fee: $20/hour $35/hour
 Firepalce $20 Extra/event $30 Extra/event