Miss Teresa has been teaching classical ballet for  35 years and brings a wealth of experience to our District.  Whether you are bringing your little princess to turn on her toes or you are an adult, these classes will benefit you!

Master the fundamentals. Polish your technique. Learn each step and put them together. Flow. Listen to the music. When the curtain goes up, open your heart and perform with joy and generosity. Finish. Hold your position until the curtain goes down.

She has been teaching ballet since she was 16. With rigor, high expectations, and love, Miss Teresa works to develop each student’s full potential. She elicits sharp technique, encourages physical health, and nurtures in her students a gentle strength of character.  Many of her top students audition into prestigious dance programs and productions around the Chicago area. Her biennial Winterdance recital brings the community together and draws thousands of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to five sold-out shows. But she regards success in different terms.

“I want them to be good dancers, but, more importantly, to be confident and comfortable in who they are, to give their best, and to love, support, and encourage each other. In other words, to be good dancers and good people."

Read more about Miss Teresa's philosophy on her website, Love My Life!
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