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Join Crete Park District for some Early Childhood fun!  Although your little one will think it's all about fun, we know about development and education for them and will be sure they get what they need to become successful kids. Whether you want to come and play, too,  start working on the parent child separation or send them on their own, we have a class to fit your needs. 

Babysitters, Grandparents or Aunt and Uncles are welcome to attend the Parent and Tot classes with your child. We understand your work hours don't always allow you to attend and we don't want your child to miss out, so send an adult who loves your little one!  We are looking forward to it!

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Kids as young as 6 months are welcome to the Growing Together class.  Our registration program will only register them if they are one, so stop by the office and join us! Pictured is Miles Wright, 1 year old from Crete in the NEW program called Growing Together at Crete Park District. Also pictured are left, Miles' mother, Marnie Wright and Miss Mary Hartnett, teacher. Ms. Mary recently moved to Crete, has a Masters Degree in Education and is excited to share her love of kids and child development with YOU!

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Early Childhood