Residency: Everyone's Welcome

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our programs and special events. Crete Park District is actually a very small District made up of the Village of Crete only.  It is Board Policy that because Residents pay taxes to help us care for our land and buildings, they receive a discount on programming.  To confirm your residency, you must check your tax bill or your voters registration card. Crete Park District does have a map below of all homes within the District and can help you!


Map of Crete, IL 60417

Crete Township Residents:  Back in 1957 when Crete Park District was formed, there was mostly farmland in the Township and the farmers didn't want to pay taxes on their land.  They created the Crete Rural Park  District to block the Crete Park District from serving that area. This District doesn't have parks or collect taxes, but it does still exist. Their Board is elected by the Residents of Crete Township. This can only be changed in two ways:  1 - The Residents of Crete Township have to vote yes to abolish the Crete Rural Park District or 2 - By the dissolution of the Crete Rural Park Board by their Board Members and then the Residents of Crete Township would have to vote to  join the Crete Park District. 
Crete Township & Crete Park District Partnership
We currently have a partnership with Crete Township that allows residents of the Township to pay resident rate for Day Camp and other special events. If you are a township resident, please stop by the office to register. 
Resident Pass
The Resident Pass was designed for those who participate in several of the District programs but do not live inside the District. If you purchase the pass, you receive all of the benefits of a Crete Park  District Resident and pay Resident rates for 1 year from purchase date. The cost is $200 for one year which is the average tax payment to Crete Park District Once you pay this fee, we consider you a taxpayer and you are deserving of all the benefits of being a Resident of Crete Park District.