Who is Who at Crete Park District

Director:  Patricia Polzin  
      Email:  ppolzin@cretepark.com
Finance and Marketing Superintendent:  Therese Hale    
     Email:  thale@cretepark.com
Finance Assistant:  Patty Wiater
FOIA Officers:  Patricia Polzin & Therese Hale
     Emails:  ppolzin@cretepark.com or thale@cretepark.com
Recreation Superintendent:  Janel Geary  
     Email:  jgeary@cretepark.com
Recreation Supervisor:  Eric Schad
    Email:  eschad@cretepark.com
Parks Superintendent:  Andy Biesterfeld    
     Email:  abiesterfeld@cretepark.com
Parks Foreman:  Steve Smith
Office Manager:  Patti Foster  
Board Secretary & Treasurer:  Therese Hale   
     Email:  thale@cretepark.com

The Maintenance Staff & softball information can be reached by calling Heritage Park at (708)672-6996.
All remaining staff can be reached by phone at the Willard Wood Park Center by calling  (708)672-6969.

The Softball Rain Out Line is (708)672-6996.  During the season, the information is updated each day by 4:30 PM.

We look forward to hearing from you!